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About Us

Sailian Mosaic  are one of best manufactory for : Marble Mosaic, Glass mosaic , crystal mosic, glass tile, Stone mosaic, mosaic tiles. We persist in innovation to explore both overseas and domestic market, and use intensive management model to create a modern manufacture with environmentally sustainable mode of production. We are committed to provide consumers with high quality product since establish.
We use crystal, glass, stone, gold wire, stainless steel, porcelain and other materials together with different colors to produce a variety of mosaic single product, collages and shear painting. The new mosaic products are widely used in indoor and outdoor residential, swimming pools, schools, clubs, saunas, offices, hotels and other places.
Relying on a variety of products and professional team, we have for your space decorated with colorful collages, shear painting products, either to achieve the vision of customers, but also can provide customers with design, create the perfect personalized space.
We have the professional development of the decorative design and product innovation manufacturing team to produce new, fine, rich, flexible mosaic, working hard for you too easily  create fashion individuality space.

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