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Cappuccino Marble 2X4 Deep-Beveled

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6" X 6" Sample of Premium 2 X 4 Crema Marfil Marble Polished & Beveled Brick Mosaic Tile FREE UPS GROUND INSURED SHIPPING applies to all orders on this item Surface Finish: POLISHED (Flawless, smooth matte finish) EXCLUSIVELY FROM ORACLE TILE & STONE - A wide range of matching tiles, trims and decorative items Sizes (per piece): 1 7/8" (Width) X 3 7/8" (Length) X 3/8" (Thickness)
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Neveiws mosaic is the industry's best packaging,regardless of packaging materials,packaging come up over a long period.Cardboard box cardboard imported high-quality,high quality and tough,and the surface has a foam bottom layer of foam surrounded by four sides.Product installed with the sealing glue to seal the box,and then marked twice with high-quality packaging to ensure the package seel,a solid,not easily deformed.Significantly reduce our packaging products generated during transport damage,damage to my lower rates than 98% of peers.We demand to achieve excellence,to provide customers with better service,better products. 




We are a manufacturer of top quality stone products in China, specialing in the research and development, designing, manufacturing and processing for stone craft products of Medallion, Border, Mosaic, Stone Line (Skirting), etc. The factory is located in Yunfu city, Guangdong,china. Main Export Markets: Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Russia, South Africa

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From express delivery of samples to operation of international logistics on freight rate, shipment, container loading, bulk cargo, delivery to forwarder’s storehouse, customs clearance, shipping by sea, air, Neviews takes good care of each process and link, so as to let the customer save worry and avoid trouble.